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The Beginning of the Temperance Reform

The Temperance Reform started in the early 1800’s when people started to drink alcohol excessively. They thought it was a necessity to life, and they drank it as a substitute for water because of safety issues. However, people started to realize the negative effects of drinking and passed laws to ban alcohol completely. These people […]

Why We Chose This Topic

We decided on the topic of prohibition because we found it intriguing. We thought it was interesting because some people were wanting to ban alcohol even in the 1800’s, and drug banning is such a wide-spread controversy today. Also, we were curious about why the people would protest alcohol and what they saw was wrong […]

Background Photo Credit

Our background image was found at: “Prohibition Grape No Longer Riding the Rails of History.”┬áProhibition Grape No Longer Riding the Rails of History. N.p., n.d. Web. 16 Feb. 2014  

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