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The temperance Movement was the cause of the 18th amendment, which outlawed the buying, producing, or selling of liquor but the 18th amendment only remained in service for 13 years. This is because the 21st amendment was created which abolished the 18th amendment. You may ask, “Why would they get rid of a law that was benefiting the greater good?” This is because after alcohol was outlawed, many protest arised and the crime rate surprisingly went up. Many were addicted to alcohol and couldn’t just stop using it just because a law told them to. So, men started illegally buying or selling liquor, completely disregarding the amendment. Also, certain religions started protesting the 18th amendment because they used alcohol such as wine for ceremonial purposes and this law prohibited them from practicing their religion. Those were the main reasons why the temperance movement ended.



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    This first post is great. I like your thinking and analysis. You are on the right track.

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