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As we have said in previous post, Marijuana can be beneficial or harmful. Below are two peoples stories of their encounters with marijuana and how it has changed their lives.

First off, is Charlotte Fig, who is currently five years of age. When she was two years old, she gained a rare disorder that caused her to be unable to walk or talk and she suffered from 300 seizures a week. She tried every possible treatment she could find to try to cure her but nothing worked. So, she decided she would try medical marijuana. Now, after a few years of using marijuana, Charlotte can final talk, walk, and she no longer suffers from seizures. Her story has inspired 100’s of families to go to places where marijuana is legal such as Colorado to try to cure their children as well. Some scientist protest that there is no solid proof that it was the marijuana that cured Charlotte Fig and that the long term effects of marijuana has not been tested on children so it shouldn’t be allowed. But, countless of families such as Charlotte’s have found a cure for their children through a substance that is illegal in most of the U.S.A.

The second story is about a man named Darren Gold who claims that Marijuana ruined his life. He first started smoking cannabis at age 15. It made him feel good so he continued its use, using it more frequently. Eventually, he ended up smoking every day. In order to pay for this expensive habit, he resulted to stealing. Once out of high school, he continued doing illegal things and smoked even more than before. As a result, he was sent to a juvenile crime facility. After he left the facility, he became extremely paranoid and latter on his life, became addicted to heroin and alcohol. Now, he has turned his life around and no longer uses any drug, but cannabis almost destroyed his life.

Those are just two of the thousands of stories on marijuana. They show some of the pro’s and con’s to using medical or recreational marijuana in society.

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    This first post is great. I like your thinking and analysis. You are on the right track.

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