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Sarah’s Conclusion on Our Prohibition Project

Before this project, I had no idea what the Temperance Movement was and had limited knowledge on marijuana prohibition other than that it was not taking effect here in Colorado. After my research and blog post, I have learned a lot about the Temperance Movement, alcohol, recreational and medical marijuana, and much more. It has […]

Angela’s Conclusion on Our Prohibition Project

At first, I was just thinking that prohibition was a minor group of women who were protesting alcohol. I didn’t really know anything about how it started, or how it impacted the society. My thinking changed because now I realize that the women were trying to protect their families and children from men that would […]

Stories on Marijuana

As we have said in previous post, Marijuana can be beneficial or harmful. Below are two peoples stories of their encounters with marijuana and how it has changed their lives. First off, is Charlotte Fig, who is currently five years of age. When she was two years old, she gained a rare disorder that caused […]

What We Learned

Our essential question was, “How has prohibition changed between the 1800’s and now?” Over the course of this project, we have come to answer this question and many more on the topic of prohibition. We have learned many facts about the Temperance Movement and Marijuana prohibition through this project. For example, we learned that the temperance […]

Things We Want To Research Further On Prohibition

Prohibition has happened several times throughout history, but one thing we noticed that it has never lasted. Therefore, if we could continue my research on prohibition, we would try to find a case where a prohibition act has been a success and is still in use today. We also would like to research more on […]

Our Perspectives on Marijuana Prohibition

Sarah’s Perspective- I think that when the government prohibited marijuana they had good intentions, but it was not really their duty to prohibit this substance. I don’t believe it is the government’s job to regulate the health or diet of American citizens. That is the soul job of the individual.  This way, the people have the […]

Our Perspectives on Alcohol Prohibition

Sarah’s Perspective-I think alcohol prohibition in the 1800’s was not necessary or effective. The crimes that resulted after alcohol was outlawed in my opinion, out weighed the benefits it brought. One of the main point alcohol prohibition was supposed to bring was the cleanse the world of sin, but that act actually resulted in more […]

Prohibition Today

Back in the 1800’s, the U.S. prohibited alcohol. Today, the U.S. is trying to prohibit an new substance, Marijuana. Like alcohol, it is believed that by outlawing Marijuana, the general community will be benefited and people will have less health problems caused by the substance. Also, it its believed that banning marijuana will decrease crime […]

What People Thought About Prohibtion/Background Info

Many of the women who supported the Temperance Movement were trying to protect their families and children from alcohol since they thought it was dangerous.  They wanted to just get rid of it completely as excessive drinking was getting out of hand. As Frances E. Willard said,”Temperance is moderation in the things that are good […]

Why the Temperance Movement Ended

The temperance Movement was the cause of the 18th amendment, which outlawed the buying, producing, or selling of liquor but the 18th amendment only remained in service for 13 years. This is because the 21st amendment was created which abolished the 18th amendment. You may ask, “Why would they get rid of a law that […]

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