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Sarah’s Perspective-I think alcohol prohibition in the 1800’s was not necessary or effective. The crimes that resulted after alcohol was outlawed in my opinion, out weighed the benefits it brought. One of the main point alcohol prohibition was supposed to bring was the cleanse the world of sin, but that act actually resulted in more sin, through the workings of thievery. Alcohol is addictive and once you become addicted you can stop, even if it is required by law. People have the free will to chose what they do and what the don’t, so it is their duty to stop drinking if they see fit. Also, alcohol is often used to clean wounds, and back in the 1800 when it was very unsanitary, banning it would lead to many infections and deaths.

Today, I still don’t believe alcohol should be prohibited. Bars and other places which manufacture and sell liquor play a role in our economy today. Also, many folks today have a need for alcohol that still can not be broken by any law. I think that prohibition will never work as long as people crave the substance enough.

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Angela’s Perspective-  I think alcohol prohibition was both good and bad. Back in the 1800’s they were drinking a ton of alcohol, starting at a very young age. This was especially bad because the women were needing their husbands to carry their own weight, and support them. That’s mostly where people were starting to realize that they need to get it under control. If the men got too drunk they would not treat their family right and everything would go crazy. For this reason, I feel that prohibition was a good idea if it would keep everything under control. For modern day, I don’t think we should make alcohol illegal for adults. I feel this way because if we were to do that there would be an outrage, and we would end up fighting it and taking away the law anyways.

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    This first post is great. I like your thinking and analysis. You are on the right track.

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