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Sarah’s Perspective- I think that when the government prohibited marijuana they had good intentions, but it was not really their duty to prohibit this substance. I don’t believe it is the government’s job to regulate the health or diet of American citizens. That is the soul job of the individual.  This way, the people have the choice to use marijuana if they please.

Marijuana has its benefits and its downfalls. Medical marijuana has many benefits. It kills cancer cells, relieves pain, stimulates appetite, helps people sleep, relaxes muscles, and much more. Also, recreational Marijuana is very popular so it benefits the economy. But, Marijuana has many negative effects as well. According to the National Drug Abuse website, Marijuana damages a persons ability to remember things, ability to balance, and causes extreme hallucinations. These factors can cause harm to the user or community, especially in cases with automobiles. So, I am neutral on my thoughts with the use of marijuana, but I don’t think it should be prohibited.

Angela’s Perspective- I have mixed feelings on the ban of marijuana. In the beginning they were using marijuana as medicine. However, in the 1920’s-1930’s they were banning marijuana for recreational use. I agree with Sarah that the government had good intentions because it was harming people, but I think that they should have the right to ban marijuana because they are trying to take care of citizens. If it helps the community for the better, I think they should ban it. The question is if it really IS hurting our society to a great degree.

Some evidence shows that it is a huge threat, while other evidence shows that it isn’t a big deal. Some say that can help prevent cancer. They say that THC and CBD which is found in marijuana can kill some tumor cells. On the flip side, other people say that if a person takes it while they are pregnant the kid is at a greater risk of leukemia. Some other studies in Australia show that they cause brain dysfunctions. There is huge controversy about this topic. There are many people who say that it isn’t that bad, and other people who say it is a terrible substance.

Before they prohibit it completely, I feel like they should do a lot more tests to see the effects and trends over time. This is also easier said than done, because who would they do the tests on? I think in the meantime we have to research more and gather sufficient evidence. I remain neutral like Sarah, for now.

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    This first post is great. I like your thinking and analysis. You are on the right track.

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